Contacting support

If none of the measures and guidances listed in our troubleshooting section have helped to resolve your issue, please write an email to Please write also corresponding error code in the subject of your email. You may have seen the code at the bottom of your troubleshooting list before clicking on “contact support”. If you don’t recall the code, please click “back” in your browser (app) to see the list.

It would help us a lot if you could also include following points into your email:

  1. Describe your issue. It’s also important for us to know if the failure occurred directly from the beginning (eg. during the setup) or after a certain period of use.
  2. Share some photo or video material which helps us to see and analyze what exactly gone wrong. Please do NOT send image and video files as an email attachment. We would highly appreciate if you could use some cloud storage or file-drop online services instead to share these files.
  3. Tell which modification of Prusa MK3 printer you are using (MK3, MK3S or MK3S+)
  4. Please name us the versions of your JobOx components. You will find this version information on each of your components individually (magazine unit [MX-XXX], ejecting unit [EX-XXX] and heating bad cover [CX-XXX]).  
  5. As already mentioned above, please don’t forget to write the error code in the subject line of your email

We will send you an acknowledgment of receipt as soon as your request was reviewed by our stuff and then get back to you with a particular answer as soon as possible, depending on the current workload of the support team and the kind of the certain issue you described. This could take several days because of the limited resources on our side. So even if we are happy to do our best by helping you resolving your issue with the JobOx system, we highly recommend carefully studying the corresponding troubleshooting section before contacting our support. This could possibly help you resolving your issue way faster than our support team will be able to do.