Print & Go

Print&Go is professional server based printer management solution targeted to businesses running its own production or printing farm. To run your Prusa MK3 printer with Print&Go system, you will require an additional dedicated WiFi capable node hardware which will be provided to you by Print&Go. 

  1. Already a Print&Go user?  Fill the form ( for requesting the AutoRemove Pack, needed for managing Prusa MK3 + Jobox printers in your Print&Go account.
  2. You don't have a Print&Go account yet? Request a 30-day free trial here:
  3. Create your printers in the "Printers" page. Create them with the "Prusa MK3 Jobox" model.
  4. The AutoRemove feature (the automatic triggering of your enqueued files to the printer) is disabled by default. If your printer can activate the Autoremove, you will see a grey infinity icon.
  5. Go to the Printer's page and activate the AutoRemove checkbox. There, you can modify the "AutoRemove Delay". This is the safety delay, in seconds, between the auto-retiring of the piece and the auto-starting of the next file in the queue
  6. Once activated, the printer will have a green infinity icon, and the printer will auto-start the next files in the queue.
  7. Upload files to Print&Go and enjoy a 24/7 production with Print&Go + Jobox!

Please note: Thanks to JobOx integration, Print&GO software is able adding the sequence for loading and ejecting to your GCODE files automatically. However, the Print&GO manager is not yet able analyzing the margins of imported files and will accept and process any GCODE, even if it is outside of allowed printing area and is not compatible for using with JobOx. We highly recommend using our dedicated JobOx profiles for your slicer in order to ensure the compatibility of your GCODE file.