How to update your JobOx

If you got your JobOx before the official release in February 2023, than you possibly have to update at least one component of your JobOx magazine in order to make it compatible with the updated slicer profiles and current release of the

What is new

We made some changes on the loading and ejecting GCODE in order to make it work more reliable and fail safe. We also decided to integrate these loading and ejecting GCODEs into the JobOx slicer profiles so the serves now only as a stitching tool. This will also make it easier integrating JobOx into any third party printer managing system. 


What needs to be updated

There is a possibility, that no physical parts needs to be updated. Please run the new jobox test (click here) first. When everything worked well, than you don't need update your physical parts. In this case just follow the instruction which will lead you to the download section of new profiles for your slicer. 

When the test shows issues while loading procedure, you will probably need to print and replace one component of your JobOx magazine. 


We made a slight modification to this part, moving one of the stage elements.

This part can be printed (preferably in PETG) with 20% infill and 0.2 or 0.3 layer height without any support. The magnets of the old part can be reused for the new one. When the part is replaced, please level your JobOx magazine unit and repeat the jobox test. When everything worked well, than just follow the instruction which comes after the test-run and will lead you to the download section of new profiles for your slicer.