Is the JobOx just an Upgrade?

...or the missing link to the industrial use of the Prusa MK3S+ for large-scale production of plastic parts?
Jobox batch production | 3D Print

The JobOx is technically nothing more than an upgrade of the widely used and in many areas already established Prusa MK3S+ 3D printer. From the very first idea, the JobOx was conceived less as an upgrade and more as a way to optimise and efficiently expand a production process.

Together with the Prusa MK3S+ as the printing unit, these components result in an automated production process that we call the JobOx process. The JobOx process has no other goal than to enable the user of a Prusa MK3S+ to process print jobs reliably, automatically and autonomously without manual intervention.

The addition of these features to the printer is the only way to utilise the full capacity of the Prusa MK3S+ and reduce downtime and management to a minimum. With an output of sometimes over 1000 industrial parts per machine per month, JobOx has now enabled our partners' MK3S+ machines to be used in high-volume production.

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