Setup JobOx on Prusa MINI


This guidance shows step by step how to setup all components to run with JobOx. In this section you will do following:

  • Check if any settings on your 3D printer needs to be adjusted.
  • Download and run a test-GCODE on your 3D printer to get sure that everything works. If not, you will be guided to our troubleshooting section. 

When these steps are done you will move to the next sections where you will do following steps:

  • Download and install custom profile for your slicer.
  • Learn how to create a printing list to be run on Jobox.


Run the test G-code file

This self-test will make your Printer performing a dry-run making sure that everything is assembled correctly and ready for your printing jobs.

To perform this test, your JobOx should be assembled, docked to your Prusa printer and one to a maximum of eight Build Plates needs to be loaded into the JobOx magazine. If all this steps are done let's test it with the following ox-test.

  1. Download the file JOBOX-V1_SELF-TEST_PRUSA-MINI_8PLATES.gcode (use right mouse > save link as).
  2. Copy this test-file to the USB stick.
  3. Insert the USB Stick into your Prusa MINI printer and run the test-file.

Your printer will now perform the loading and unloading routine for the maximum size of 8 plates.
It does not matter if you have inserted fewer than 8 plates in the magazine, you can insert the plate that has been ejected directly into the magazine so that the printer can carry out its full test.
Make sure that you insert the plate cleanly and that the hooks lie neatly on top of each other and do not jam.


If the self-test was performed without any issues, please continue with the next Chapter and setup your slicer.