The JobOx is an upgrade to the widely used and in many areas already established Prusa MK3S+ 3D printer. Together with the Prusa MK3S+ as the printing unit, these components result in an automated production process that we call the JobOx process. This process enables the owner of a Prusa MK3S+ to process print jobs reliably, automatically and autonomously without intervention.

  • Simplicity

    Our goal was to develop a process that is easy and reliable to use, but which can also be integrated into the 3D printing process of any MK3S+ owner quickly and inexpensively. Especially in the industrial sector, when upgrading several machines, e.g. in printing farms or in-house production, the implementation of upgrades can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. The JobOx Upgrade reduces this effort to a minimum through its passive upgrade principle.

  • Features

    • Completely passive (no electronics)
    • No custom firmware required
    • Pure GCODE based control
    • Simple to use and operate 
    • Easy assembly with few parts
    • Pure upgrade - no rebuild
  • Advantages

    • Structured planning of print jobs
    • Elimination of machine downtime
    • Less hectic during working hours
    • Economic risk diversification through better distribution of models on several printing plates
    • Efficient use of night hours, weekends and holidays
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  • 3D print service provider

    Offer your customers more competitive prices by minimising downtime and making it easier to plan your print jobs and orders.

  • Insourcing and inhouse manufacturing

    Produce your parts easily, safely and effectively in-house (again). Exactly where they are needed and without being further dependent on lengthy and uncertain supply chains.

  • Start-Ups and R&D departments

    Whether it's demand-oriented, easy-to-scale series production of your own products or accelerating their development. The Jobox process adapts to your ideas and requirements quickly and in a capital-saving way.


    Turn your ideas into reality faster. From the idea to its testing to the finished model, the Jobox process takes over where your limited time would be better spent, namely on the next idea.

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JobOx components