Keep it simple - 3D printing automation based only on GCODE

In the early development phase of the JobOx process, we had concrete
requirements for our system. One of our requirements was that the integration
into existing process systems should be simple and fast.
Users should not have to redesign their own production processes in order to implement our automation process in their production environment.

Common market extensions for 3D printing usually require deeper adaptations of the printer hardware and/or software.
For us, it was important to develop a simple, reliable upgrade that was easily accessible to all.

Highest compatibility only through GCODE functions

From electronic upgrades to entire cluster systems operated by a robotic arm, there are already a wide variety of approaches to automating the 3D printing process. Our challenge was to avoid extensive conversions and thus high investment costs as far as possible, and to develop a solution that is as passive as possible.


Although the functionality of the JobOx process is based entirely on GCODE, this does not necessarily mean that it is intuitive or easy to use for all users. To enable quick and easy integration into existing production environments, we are working to make every conceivable user behavior accessible to the JobOx process.
To ensure this, we have developed an uncomplicated tool, the, which contains the most important functions and allows the user to start his print jobs from the SD card as usual.

Our is nothing more than a script that extends the GCODES to be printed by the loading and unloading function and exports it in a single file. Since it is a JavaScript application, it can easily be saved locally and operated offline. This way, your or your customers' data can be processed locally on your PC with maximum security.

The is only one solution to use the JobOx process quickly and easily, an implementation in existing print farm management systems should be feasible with little effort. Professional providers such as Invelon also support the JobOx process since the latest version of their Print&Go software.

If you have any questions or suggestions as to which software or hardware should be made compatible with the JobOx process. Then write us gladly on:

We are looking forward to your ideas.

Your JobOx Team

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