Simplyprint is a professional server based printer management solution targeted to printing farm, businesses running its own production and also to hobby/enthusiast users who would like to enhance their workflow. It brings a lot of functionality to your printers including remote connectivity, live monitoring, print queue and history, cloud slicer and automation.

To run your Prusa MK3/MK4 printer with SimplyPrint system, you will require a Raspberry Pi to install the software. One Raspberry Pi can be connected to multiple printers.

Simplyprint offers different subscription plans including a free one. However to run an automation feature you will need to choose the "Print Farm" plan (currently $34,99/Month - includes connection of 10 printers ! - cancel any time and 30 day money back guarantee).  

SimplyPrint offers JobOx users a discount of 25% on "Print Farm" plan for 4 month.
Discount code: jobox-25

You can find further detail on the SimplyPrint JobOx integration page here:

A more detailed instruction on how to setup SipmplyPrint in order to run with JobOx will follow shortly. For now you can contact a support team from SimplyPrint to get guidance.