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JobOx 3D printing automation system for Prusa MINI/MINI+

JobOx 3D printing automation system for Prusa MINI/MINI+

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 JobOx is a smart and affordable upgrade for your Prusa MINI/MINI+¹ printer that allows you to automate your 3D-printing process quickly and easily.

The JobOx MINI hardware comes assembled and can be set up to your Prusa MINI Printer in less than 5 minutes.

JobOx consists of a magazine and unloading unit. Magazine can contain up to 8 Original Prusa build plates².

Unlike the MK3S and MK4 versions, there are no JobOx plates for the JobOx MINI yet. The JobOx MINI can only be used with the original Prusa MINI build plates and the JobOx retrofit adapters (NEW DESIGN).

You can purchase the Prusa MINI plates directly from and the JobOx retrofit adapters (NEW DESIGN) here in the store


Please Note:

  1. A printer is not included. It can be ordered from See also disclaimer below.
  2. Original Prusa build plates are not included and should be ordered separately from Prusa3d.comUsing Original Prusa build plates within the Jobox system - additional retrofit adapters are needed. These can be ordered separately here in the JobOx store.
  3. It is not possible to operate the JobOx MINI without the original Prusa plates in combination with the JobOx retrofit adapters.


It is important to note that our products are only compatible with the Prusa MK3S+ and our company is not affiliated with PRUSA RESEARCH or selling their products. All brand names or the use of content on which external brands and products are seen are always only the function explanation and the protection of the customer to prevent misunderstandings.  

A printer from Prusa Research is not included! 

If you don't have one of the Jobox compatible Prusa MINI printers yet, you can buy one directly from PRUSA RESEARCH.

Dimensions / specifications

Footprint when assembled and attached to Prusa MINI
Length: 42cm (16,54 ")

Available printing space (X/Y/Z) while using Jobox is as follows:
180×165×180 cm (7"×6.5"×7")


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