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JobOx build plate (MK3/MK4)

JobOx build plate (MK3/MK4)

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JobOx build plate is an dedicated PEI coated spring sheet which is designed for usage with JobOx system for Prusa MK3 and MK4. There are two types of JobOx build plates:

  • smooth PEI foil coated
  • textured PEI coated.

Both build plate types are sold as one-sided. However due to production reasons the build plate you get can also be also coated on the backside as well. This has no negative influence on the functionality.

Please note: Build plates with different surfaces should NOT be used together in one magazine stack (when printing on n Prusa MK3). This is because of different z-offset value. This value differs depending on used build plate surface and needs to be set on your MK3 printer manually for each surface type individually. Otherwise the first layer adhesion could fail. That’s why it’s not reasonable using different types of build plates in an automated serial printing process like JobOx (on Prusa MK3).


Dimensions / specifications

254 x 241 x 1 mm (10" x 9.5 x 0.04")


Spring sheet steel, PEI coating powder, PEI foil, adhesive and binder

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